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The Rongmei Encyclopedia serves as a collaborative platform for internet users, offering a comprehensive introduction for visitors. This project relies on the collective efforts of largely anonymous online volunteers who contribute their knowledge without financial compensation. The inclusive nature of this initiative allows anyone with internet access to create and edit articles related to the Rongmei community.

Contributors have the flexibility to participate anonymously, under a pseudonym, or, if they prefer, using their real identity. The dynamic nature of the Rongmei Encyclopedia sets it apart from traditional, paper-based reference sources. It is a living collaboration, continuously evolving and updating. Articles on historical events can be added in real-time, offering a contrast to the lengthy timelines associated with printed encyclopedias.

As a result of this ongoing collaboration, older articles tend to become more comprehensive and balanced over time. However, users are advised to exercise caution, as newer articles may contain misinformation, encyclopedic content, or instances of vandalism. Being aware of this dynamic nature is crucial for obtaining accurate information and discerning recently added content, as emphasized in the guidelines for researching with Rongmei Encyclopedia.

To enhance the content of existing pages or propose new ones, you can share information and photographs by sending messages to the Facebook community, [Rongmei Naga]. Your contributions will be sincerely acknowledged in your name.

Should you come across any offensive content on Rongmei Encyclopedia or find that your article, photograph, video, or audio has been used without your permission or proper acknowledgment, please report it to the same Facebook page or contact Rongmeinaga(at)

About: Rongmei Encyclopedia is a volunteer-driven, non-profit archive-cum-encyclopedia dedicated to compiling information about Rongmei, Naga, Tribes, etc. Your support and contributions are invaluable in enriching this collaborative effort.