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The Rongmei

According to Naga National Right and Movements NNC, there are 77 Naga tribes, which include the sub-tribes and major tribes.[1] The Rongmei are one of oldest tribe of Naga inhabitant, and their home land being Tamenglong, subdivision of West District of Manipur. The Rongmei is the short form of the old name for ‘Maruongmei”, which mean Southerners (‘Rong’) and People (‘Mei’) [2]. Earlier the Rongmei are label as sub-tribe of Kacha Naga, in Nagaland. And as Kabui in Manipur and commonly as Zeliangrong in Assam constituted by Zemei, Liangmei, Kabui and Rongmei as according to J. H. Hutton[3]. Collectively these tribes are part of new Community that was form in 1947 called as Zelianrong.


According to IMA (India Mission Association) [4], the census have mark this people group as ‘Kabui’ people group, and their language as ‘Rongmei’, which is totally opposite to what Makuga’s[5], book wrote about Kabui and Rongmei as to be two different tribes. The census of 1991 the Rongmei who lived in Assam, Manipur and Nagaland was 59,000[6]. Otherwise Rongmei are also known by these other name, which has some confusion in distinction: [7] 1. Inroungmei 2. Kabui 3. Kabui Naga 4. Maruongmai 5. Nruanghmei 6. Nruanghmei Naga 7. Rongmai 8. Rongmei. The spelling makes a difference in identifying the community differently. In the year 2012 on July 23th the Manipur Gazetteer have confirm and recognized the Rongmei Tribe as a subtribe of Naga. [8].

Rongmei Recognition

And the Nagaland State Home Department Committee granted the Rongmei community a status of indigenous Naga Tribe earlier in 2012, Accordingly the Rongmei tribe will only be given Certificate and Indigenous Tribe Certification if those members of the Rongmei tribe, who or whose ancestors were enumerated in the 1963 electoral roll of the State and whoever are numbered in the report of the Committee dated May 2012. The report and the State also mention that the Rongmeis presently stood at 1,313, according to all names and details appearing at Para 2.7 and 2.8 of the Committee Report in 2012. [9].

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